St Martin’s Coffee Shop
St Martin’s Walk, Leicester, LE1 5DG


About Us

Located in the beautiful, ancient town of Leicester, in the heart of the independent community of shops, restaurants and hospitality businesses, Crafty is the secret-not-secret pop-up burger restaurant, run every week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, by the team behind St Martin’s Coffee and Kitchen. We have a carefully designed, simple menu, that changes on a semi-regular basis, and we host everything from first dates to first birthdays. A lot of people bring their friends after visiting us for the first time.

Where We Came From

Originally a cookware shop in the middle of Leicester, St Martin’s has since developed into a second home for many of the people who live in, and travel through Leicester. Crafty came along in 2014, and from there, our love of quality, locally sourced food, and really nice beer began. Since then, we’ve had two kitchens installed, entirely refurbished the building, and started an unstoppable burger machine on its journey.


Our Suppliers

March House Farm

Located just outside Leicester in Great Dalby, We have our home grown beef delivered every week by Anne or Martin, who run the farm.


Local grocers in Leicester, we’ve worked with Nutty’s for several years now, and use their produce every single day of the week.


Our good friend Monty spends a good amount of his week delivering through our doors. He provides all our chicken and milk.

Milner’s Bakery

Located in Blaby, Leicestershire. Toby Milner and his family bring us five hundred (or so) freshly baked, delicious brioche buns, every single week.

Country Fayre

Literally a one minute walk from the shop is Leicester Market. It’s as you might expect, offers shouted across the stalls, brown paper bags. Right in the heart of the market is Country Fayre. They provide us with cheese, meats, and pretty much anything else we might need.

Stopped counting the times I’ve been, but always have a great burger.
— Tripadvisor